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Screen mask that can realize stable printing with high pitch precision.
A lineup of various types is available to your uses and specifications.


Realizing printing with high repeatability and stable quality.

Applicable to fine, precise pattern printing.

For resist printing We can excellently prevent ink from oozing out to the other side (blur) by providing special processing.
For precision printing We can facilitate the penetrability of ink and improve fine-pattern printing by using an ultra-fine polyester screen mask with thinner lines and higher strength compared with conventional types.
For fine pattern / build-up printing

We can realize thin-line, build-up printing by using stainless-steel mesh or new-material mesh.

For ultra-high precision, fine-pattern printing We can realize the fine-pattern printing of L/S = 20μm/20μm by using a combination mask that can support high dimensional precision.。
For recycled mask We can provide eco-friendly masks.

For automobiles Equipped with large-sized screens production systems for automobiles.
For ceramics We can provide screens for anti-moire use.
For nameplates

We can make films on our own and provide multi-color screens with no color drift.

For CDs and DVDs We can provide sharp-finished screens with photosensitive capillary films.
For graphics We can provide screens applicable to half-tone.

Printed circuit boards
Various liquid crystal parts
and electronic parts
Capacitors, electrostatic
filters, printer thermal heads,

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