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  ASAHITEC can meet increasing quality and precision requirements of masks with solid technical capabilities

By making the best use of our solid technologies that we have built up over a long time as a all-round manufacturer of functional reproduction masks, we are providing high-precision, high-quality mask products ranging from screen printing masks to precision industry masks and semiconductor masks. We commit ourselves to offer you "best practices" based on the total balance with QCD+E (quality, cost, delivery + environment) aiming at the top position in the market with functional reproduction supporting business.

スクリーンマスク   エマルジョンガラスマスク   レーザーメタルマスク
Screen mask that can realize stable printing with high pitch precision.
A lineup of various types is available according to uses, specifications and industry sector.
  Glass mask with a circuit pattern lithographed to your order by using the up-to-date laser photo-plotter. This mask can realize finer circuit formation.   High-precision metal mask processed by laser according to your desired configuration.
This mask can realize the high-precision printing for bumping, filling and surface mounting.

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